Tube Amp Repair & restoration  est. 1994

Classic Amps

Amp Repair

Classic Amps specializes in the repairing and restoration of tube amplifiers for the discriminating working musicians and pro level performers.
We service all the classics: Ampeg, Fender, Marshall, Vox, HiWatt, Laney, Orange, Sound City, Traynor, Boogie, Soldano and Matchless. We also service Valco, Gretsch, National, Supro and Gibson, if its got tubes we'll fix it!

Our dedication to only tube amplifiers allows for a quick turn around time to get your amplifier back to you in top working order.
Usually in 2-5 days.
We know what your amplifier should sound like and its potential for having a great tone but worn tubes, bad filter caps or damaged speakers could be hurting your sound. We offer solutions for the replacement of worn or damaged parts, tubes and speakers for the ultimate tone you require.

Classic Amps carries a large selection of parts on hand for the repairing of tube amplifiers along with our hand selected and matched tubes. We carry  Sino, Valve Art, JJ Tesla, TAD and New Old Stock Tubes all tested by us.
We carry speakers from Celestion, Eminence, and Weber VST.

Classic Amps also offers:
Silver Face to Black Face Fender amplifiers conversion for a warmer bluesier tone.
Recovering in tolex or tweed and replacement of grill cloth.
Mods and/or De-mods
Custom work

Guitar Repair
We have been fixing guitars longer than tube amplifiers. We where doing setups and putting Dimarzio pickups in guitars back in 1978. Just like our amp repairs, we strived to get the best possible tone from your guitar: for you that means where not happy untill your happy with the way your guitar plays, feels and sounds!

Over the years our work has come to include:
Set ups
Fret Dressing
Partial & full refrets
Pickup installation for acoustic & electric guitars
New nuts saddles
Bridge repairs
Broken headstocks
Installation of Bigsby tail peice
B Bender Guitar Setup & maintance
Custom work & pickup rewind service.
Turn around time is usually in 2-5 days, but if you have a special request just ask. We have done overnight in some cases.

Classic Amps carries a large selection of pickups and parts from Allparts, Gibson, Fender, Seymour Duncan & TV Jones.
Classic Amps is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
You can reach us at (519) 620-9005 EST.
By Appointment